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 Pic Policy UPDATED 9/23/09

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PostSubject: Pic Policy UPDATED 9/23/09   Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:33 pm

You can post the following pics:

-Public Domain Pics: pics that are from either of the books, the CD booklets, the tour programmes, the calanders, the DVDs or magazine layouts

These are pics you can post:
~ clau_y_naty
~ minniemoke
~ deborah_uk (now tickledpink)
~ peony(sue)
~ Janey (Official Forum mod)
~ Ramsey Cardy (public pics)
~ Dianix
~ Siobhan Wolf
~ lacasserole2
~ vanessa 13 (Official Forum mod)
~ OktoberSky
~ Jaybee
~ cianei
~ tillyflop
~ Merlion
~ amandatjuh
~ Bivalo (Birgit)
~ Song of Joy (Toronto pics; with request that they not be used for CnP's or Captions)
~ Dimple Diver (these pics are tagged DD, pics from this owner are only to be on this site; not on the Official Forum)
~ SebsLady (not to be posted on the OF)
~ Jette B
~ Aqualady (these pics are tagged Anny)
~ Fara1903

Please Note: Sue Peony gave permission not Sue Charlie.
Please remember that all photos are not to be cropped. Owners name must remain intact.

EDIT 1: Please note any pics that say "Il" (with the exception of Janey) will be removed.
EDIT 2: Please note that any pics on here are not to be lifted for siggies, avis, collages or posted on any other forums or sites without prior consent from the pic owner.

Thanks For Your Understanding Very Happy
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Pic Policy UPDATED 9/23/09
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