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 The Il Divo Contest

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PostSubject: The Il Divo Contest   Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:17 pm

Well thats all folks; the deadline is up.
Thanks to all those who played. Very Happy
The results will be posted when I make another review of the entrys.
You all did really well Very Happy

Please Stay Tuned For Results Very Happy

And dont forget about our other activities

The GroundHog is still lurking on the forum.
You have untill Midnight (New York City) time to find him Very Happy

Il Divo Contest: The Results
Tied at 5 wrong: Sony and Yannic
3 Wrong: Cianei
Tied at 2 Wrong: Ing and Bivalo
and with zero wrong *drumroll* Sandie

This is the Prize List:
The Prizes:
all questions right plus best A-Z:
Grand Prize Winner:a special avi/siggy to use exclusively on this forum

12 Questions Right
First Place: will receive a wallpaper of their fave divo

10 Questions Right
Second Place: a group wallpaper

WIth All Questions right plus best A-Z; Sandie gets to choose the pic she wants in her siggy

Yannic, Sony, Bivalo, Cianei and Ing with more than 12 questions right; gets the Wallpaper of their fave Divo

I will make arrangements will Mod Tina to get the Prizes in the Works
Thanks For Playing

~~The Answers~~
The Trivia

1~According to the guys themselves; Seb, David and Carlos are called what by their moms?
Titi, BooBoo and Carlito

2~At what function in May 2005 did Il Divo sing a song to eight special women?
A=The Daytime Emmys (If you said Henley Festival; I gave you credit. Beacuse that was before I knew of ID and there might have been eight women there) Laughing

3~What dance did Seb really shake his butt for?
The Joget ( I gave credit for this if you replied LVSA; because I wasn't very clear)

4~According to Carlos on a interview; what does he watch to relax?
Little House on the Prairie (He said it in a GMTV interview)

5~What is Carlos drink of choice?
Diet Coke

6~Simon Cowell, founder of Il Divo, is a judge on both American Idol ________?

7~According to the Campeche program; the following are the Divos full names:Sebastien Giles Marie Izambard, David Leigh Miller, Urs Toni Buhler, Carlos Marin Menchero

8~According to a interview; who is the best kisser?

9~What American soapopera was Il Divo on at least twice?
The Young and The Restless

10~Carlos has been in several operas and plays; in which one did he shatter (break) his ankle?
Beauty and The Beast

11~Carlos has a kiss curl; what is the name used to identify this beloved lock of hair?

12~Outside of Il Divo; from this list what is the one thing Seb and Urs have in common?
they both play the guitar

13~What is the official Uber greeting?

14~Who opened for Il Divo on February 11, 2006?
Hayley Westenra

15~Il Divo sings "A Mi Manera'; which was sung in English by Frank Sinatra, but Paul Anka wrote it?
He didn't write it he adapted (translated for lack of a better word) it into English

16~At what New York City based show did I meet them
Good Morning America

Bonus Question

1~David played Rudolpho in La Boheme; what other Divo was also in a production of this same play?
Carlos played Marcello (p31 of the Our Music Our Journey Our Words) and David played Rodolfo (p74 Our Music Our Journey Our Words)

2~ Who tried underwear on during a interview?
Carlos (during a GMTV interview)

Those are the answers Very Happy

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The Il Divo Contest
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