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 Upcoming Events UPDATE 3/16/09 Please Read

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PostSubject: Upcoming Events UPDATE 3/16/09 Please Read   Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:52 pm

Starting Jan 31 at 7pm
There will be a Find The Groundhog Competition
Somewhere in this site; I will hide a pic of a groundhog.
This game is based on the US holiday; Groundhog Day.
The GroundHog is loose; go find him. If you can.You have til Feb 2 at 12midnight USA time to submit proof of your findings; including thread name and page number
We have our first GroundHog finder. Who else will find him Very Happy

Starting Feb 7
There will be a Valentines Day siggy competition.
In order to participate; the siggies must include all Divos and include the color red.
and read Happy Valentines Day
Please Note: It doesnt matter who makes the siggy; as long as the above are included. Just get pic owner permission unless its a public venue pic

Starting March 16th
For St. Patricks Day we will have a special game. In this game; the participants have to find the image of Celtic Thunder. And it wont be in the music thread; thats to easy

The pic is up. You have til midnight (USA time) on Tuesday March 17th to look for it. GoodLuck! The prize is a siggy of your fave divo Very Happy

Starting March 19th
Just in time for Spring; we will have the Tulips game. Six tulips will be posted through the forum and you have to find them.

Starting April 11th
The Easter Bunny will be hiding in here.

More Details will be added Very Happy

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Upcoming Events UPDATE 3/16/09 Please Read
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