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 One Word ...

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On Tour With Il Divo
On Tour With Il Divo

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PostSubject: One Word ...   Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:31 pm

Okay ... I saw this game in the OF and I liked it! Very Happy

This game is pretty simple .... I want you to list the people you have met or are friends with on the forum (both if you prefer Wink ) and place one word beside their name describing them. We all have at least one word to describe people, now it's time to express yourselfs!

I will start us off so you will understand better.... These are people that I was lucky to meet on the Forum and I am blessed that I have Very Happy

You can also mention the divos if you want Wink Twisted Evil

SuperCutie ~ Considerate

Ingrid ~ Beautiful

CarlaIzambard ~ Wonderful!

texasfan ~ Naughty Twisted Evil

Yellow Rose ~ Marvelouse

TickledPink ~ Helpful

didi_urs ~ Nice

Sebs lady ~ Thoughtful

*Stephanie* ~ Sweetheart

Lady52 ~ Kind

Bassybearfan ~ Protective

FranMillerIzambard ~ Loving

Trose ~ Naughty

Clau _Y_ Naty ~ Friendly

Laura Elena ~ Delightful

Dimple Diver ~ interesting

Cianei ~ Sweet

Sony ~ Cute

Yannic ~ Open

Minniemoke ~ Honest

Bron ~ Nice


Sebastien ~ Erm .... charming Embarassed Embarassed

Urs ~ Intelligent

David ~ Funny

Carlos ~ Saucy Laughing


If I missed anyone ... I'm sorry Embarassed I will edit if I forget someone
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PostSubject: Re: One Word ...   Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:42 pm

Alex: kind
Tickled_Pink: amazing
Ingrid: brave
Dimple Diver: helpful

theres so many more

but I have to think of other words
I will be back

now the divos:

Carlos: hot!

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One Word ...
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